The Unbeatable Value Of The Old Stone Oven Pizza Stone

The Old Stone Oven Company offers some of the most durable, high quality pizza stones for the most affordable prices. With over thirty years of experience, the Old Stone Oven Company has perfected their stones, crafting a stellar reputation for themselves as an authority in the home for baking with stones. Since first introducing their original pizza stone in the 1980’s, the Old Stone Oven Company has expanded their selection to include many different shapes and sizes, each retaining a high standard of quality and created specifically for making the perfect pizza crust.Old Stone Oven pizza stones are crafted from beautiful and sturdy fire brick, also known as refractory brick and made from refractory clay that can withstand extreme heat. Imitating the brick ovens restaurant style pizza is often made from, the fire brick of these stones has excellent heat retention, which is key for the perfect crust.The fire brick also distributes heat equally throughout it, helping even the most inexperienced chef to avoid uneven, uncooked, or burnt pizza crust. The durable fire brick material does not crack under high heat or pressure, making its use flexible enough to bake other things such as breads as well. The fire brick construction also absorbs excess moisture that is necessary for keeping the pizza crust light and crispy.This company’s stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit anyone’s needs. With rectangular and circular varieties, all of their stoneware are built with high quality construction and materials. Each size and shape offers different perks. For example, their smaller sized stones can be perfect for warming up and making leftover pizza crispy again. They can also fit into smaller heating sources like toaster ovens. This manufacturer’s larger size items allow for flexibility in their use, large enough to cook an assortment of breads and family sized pizzas. The Old Stone Oven pizza stone is also thin which assures they won’t be too heavy or cumbersome to handle, especially while hot.Although Old Stone Oven boasts an unbeatable price for quality, theirs don’t crack like other cheaper stones nor do they give off noxious fumes or odors, which come with poor quality materials. The value of each product made by this company is amazing. Old Stone Oven puts time and care into each of their products with attention to detail like the lifted feet at the edge of each pizza stone, which helps ensure fantastic grip and maneuverability.The Old Stone Oven stones also retains heat after a pizza has finished baking. This helps to keep the pie warm before being served. The stone must cool down before it is safe to wash, but the fire brick material that helps keep pizza from sticking also makes them easy to clean up.This manufacturer’s baking devices are perfect for any pizza lover, whether they’re baking for an entire family or for one. With an incredibly affordable price, the Old Stone Oven pizza stone’s value can’t be beaten.

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Mobile Home Roof Repair – It’s Tricky, Be Careful!

If you live in a mobile home chances are you may have to do some mobile home roof repair at some point. Most of these homes are made with a metal roof, although some do come with shingle. Often the leaks occur around the pipes and vents that penetrate the roof.

Overtime a mobile home will settle and shift, not unlike a stick house. When this happens it can leave tiny openings in the seams around the protruding fixtures. These will continue to leak if not attended to in a proper manner.

One benefit of mobile home roof repair is the slope of the roof on the structures. Unlike stick houses, the roof slope is more often than not at a greatly decreased angle. This makes the option of home repair a bit safer than it would be on a deeply slanted roof. However, you must keep in mind that if your mobile home roof is metal and is does not have the heavy plywood underneath of other conventional roofs.

This means that if you are traversing the surface, you must place your feet and your weight on the supporting beams. If you take a step and the room gives a bit under you, then you are not on a support and could cause further damage or even fall through the roof.

Another safety concern as you complete your mobile home roof repair is that nature of the surface. Metal is considerably more slippery that shingles. This could make your footing unsure which greatly increases the chances of getting hurt. Do not attempt the repair on a wet roof or one that is in the extreme heat of the day. The metal surface could be dangerously hot during the latter time.

One excellent product to help with this problem, which also adversely affects your electric bill, is a new coating for the entire surface of your roof. After you have sealed the leaks around the pipes and vents you may want to consider a new surface for the entire roof.

To extend the life of your structure with mobile home roof repair contact a professional about adding a protective resurfacing. The products they use will coat and protect your metal roof for years to come. It can be applied over the existing surface. It expands and contracts with the weather preventing further damage.

Also, it reflects heat away from the roof at a rate many times higher than your current metal or shingle materials. You will notice great savings in the electric bill that will offset the cost of using this option. With all these repairs you are extending the life of your investment.

Want to learn more about Mobile Home Roof Repair? Be sure to visit th

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