How a New Home Roof is Installed

When it comes to a new home roof, there are many options where materials and styles are concerned. One of the most common types is a composition roof using asphalt shingles. This type can be seen on many homes and is a very cost-effective choice and is easy to install.

When a new home roof is installed, the roof is first covered with building paper otherwise known as tar paper. The asphalt shingles are then installed very quickly. In fact, it often takes less than a day to complete this process, making this a fast installation.

Asphalt shingles are often the chosen roofing material because of their cost and fire retardant properties. There are, of course, other types of shingles that may be used, some of which are quite combustible, thus posing various fire risks. Asphalt shingles cut down on this risk significantly and are often the preferred material.

Other roofing materials such as tile and slate are more difficult to install. When you are considering these materials for a new home roof, cost will play a major role in your overall decision. One reason these materials are more expensive is the difficulty in installation and maintenance, but also because of the longevity they possess. Asphalt shingles, as a general rule, only last approximately ten years while clay and slate will last much longer. These materials are installed on a paper or felt backing which takes more time than installing asphalt shingles.

Another important consideration which was mentioned above is roof maintenance. Asphalt single roofs can be walked on easily with no risk of breakage whereas clay and slate roofs are quite fragile. This is important if you plan to paint, clean your own chimney or perform other maintenance tasks. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, you will have no problem completing any of the tasks mentioned above, but if your roof is made of clay or slate, you would be well advised to call in professionals who know how to navigate these types of roofs to do the jobs for you.

The type of roof you choose will depend on many different factors. Before choosing a material, you will want to carefully consider all aspects from cost to ease of installation and even longevity of the roof. Before making the decision, learn about all your choices and the costs involved with installation. Think about the value of your home and how it will be affected should you decide to sell it. Also think about the costs you will incur should you need to replace the roof in the future.

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