A Stone Veneer Fireplace: Have You Been Considering One?

A fireplace adds warmth to your home and an elegant touch to a room, but it doesn’t always reflect your personal style. You can fix that with a stone veneer fireplace.A fireplace provides heat for our rooms, but also is an architectural element in a room that must be addressed when remodeling and redecorating. Typically built into walls, they are traditionally not movable, meaning you can’t reposition them in your room. Instead you must find a way to incorporate them into your design.Just look in home design magazines and catalogs for fireplace ideas. The pictures will inspire you and the captions near the photos will help educate you about the many options available to you. Veneer comes in many styles and designs and can be installed easily.Installation isn’t terribly difficult and can be accomplished by those with a DIY attitude. However, you may want to consider professional installation of your new stone veneer fireplace.Stone veneer panels can be purchased in sheets like siding locally or purchased online. The site or salesman can give you ideas about what to use in your home or how to do it yourself. The manufactured stone veneer come in ranges from thin to thick, can be real stone or fake. It can be natural stone or whatever you like. It can even be brick. Additionally you can buy it for interior or exterior applications. You will need to find out what works best for your situation. You can use it over brick or other surfaces. When you get your veneer home, before installation, be sure and keep it stacked flat so as not to break it.A variety of finishes can be applied to stone veneer to achieve diverse architectural and aesthetic effectsPrices range from very expensive on down. You can even look for molds online or locally if you feel like really undertaking a project. This is not recommended because the application of a veneer panel is much easier to accomplish if it has been manufactured correctly. Slight variances in cement mixtures can wreak havoc on your project very quickly. Installing these siding type products is much easier then installing your own!If you decide to install it yourself rather than letting a professional assist you, be sure and have 2 or 3 people handy for lifting and positioning. You simply can’t do this alone. Your local salesman can give you more information about the right adhesive to use for your situation. You can still order online. Just be sure and use a reputable company if you do buy from a website, one that will allow you to return your purchase if you aren’t happy with the color or quality. You’re doing all this so you will love your new fireplace, not be stuck with a different fireplace.Fireplaces are relaxing and appealing, and tend to reflect a sense of tradition because central heat and air manage the heating of our homes. That being said they do provide a tremendous value that surpasses their original necessity. They give us a feeling of comfort and security. Make yours also fit your style with a stone veneer fireplace surround and you’re in business!

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Brick Fireplace Design

At present a lot of fireplaces are characterized by the burning of gas but long ago, masonry fireboxes that used brick mantels such as brick faces or wooden mantels were the preferred fireplace design by a lot of homeowners. Even at present, a lot still prefer to use classic brick because it looks good and it brings out a certain rustic feel that makes the room even more unique, ancient and elegant. The use of brick designs can darken a room and give out a unique style different from the brighter and open settings used by a lot of common places nowadays.If you are building a home and you are considering a brickish style then you should consider also using stone mantels because these mantels will surely add an everlasting beauty to your home. It should be understood that as early as possible, you should already set the pace of adding elegance and sophistication in every nook and cranny in your fireplace. The fireplace is center stage, it is the star in the show and it is the main attraction in any house. When brick material is preferred to be used, then you should make sure that it suits its environment completely. Make sure that the rustic air it exudes doesn’t get lost in the sea of classy and modern d├ęcor around the room. It will defeat the entire purpose of using bricks as materials if it were to be that way.If you live in an older or antique home and you already have brick fireplace, then you might want to consider remodeling it to return the luster and beautify of the material used. You can add more beautiful details to make the entire fire place even more attractive and one-of-a-kind. The best thing about brick is the fact that besides giving an attractive dark feel, its rustic feel provides an even more warm and ancient air. The grace and elegance of the ancient times is present in each brick that is used to complete the design. Just be sure to remember that the mantel is the center point or area of where most important social gatherings in the house take place.

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